Type: 2D Platformer / Player Experience
Given Time: 10 Days


The Game

Life Rush is a game that was made with the intention of giving the player a personal experience by sending a message. The idea for this came from life lessons that I have learned in the past. Through this game I wanted the player to understand that not everything can be done alone, sometimes a little help is often easier.

To do this I set the player on a linear path where they had to get past a bridge to finish the level, alone it would be impossible, with the help of other characters the player could get past the bridge.

What went well


Everything that I originally set out to be completed was done on time. The scope of this project was not too large, there was one element of the game that proved a little harder to complete on time but all came together smoothly in the end.

What went bad


When planning out the NPC’s and dialogs, I visualized that it would work allot better than it did. After putting it all together though I was not convinced that the player would get the message this game is trying to deliver.


The level is short, as intended. Being short though, and only having a couple relevant NPC’s, it made the flow a bit short and gave no sense of direction. This is bad because the player is meant to feel like they have to make the jump across the bridge on their own, then work out that by talking to others they will be able to move forward in the game and get past the bridge. This would make the player feel like they have worked something out and made some sort of achievement. But with the flow, I don’t think the player would realize they are doing something to further their progression.


In conclusion, the game does not meet the requirements to send this sort of message to a player. The idea is sound but would require some additional content to help convey the message. If given more time the following changes and additions would help make this better.

Larger Map: By increasing the level size and adding more platforms, the player would be able to do more exploring. Making things seem less boxed in and, giving the option to add more interactions that better support the intention of the game. for example;

  • Adding additional interactions that do not require the player to communicate with other players. Like finding a lever that can operate the bridge, but does not result in fixing the bridge. This would be a pointless task, but be another thing that the player would try on their own before finding the resolution.
  • Having a larger map would give the option for more NPC’s, thus giving the possibility to write a better overall dialog.