Well, I have never written a game review before, so I’m not sure what I am doing. I’m going to do my best to share what I appreciate about the game. Also doing this almost in the style of a post mortem, in regards to whats good and whats bad.


Low Resolutions

This game puts the player in unavoidable situations where they most choose between two evils; a bad/regretful decision, or another bad/regretful decision. Being responsible in the game for the consequences of my decisions, I almost felt guilty when completing. For a game to give an emotional feeling post play, some concepts must have been very well thought out. What caught me the most was the decision between saving the Mother or her Newborn. I won’t say what I chose because that is not relevant. But what is relevant is that there was a situation in a game that grabbed me, someone who usually does not care about anything. With all the other stages in the game, I am sure that at least one thing will affect someone emotionally or consciously when playing.

In terms of design perspective, through my cracked designer goggles. I would say that this game has done really well in regards to the visual simplicity, it works well for conveying the true importance of this game; I don’t believe I would have felt the same if I was playing a version of this that was highly detailed with a complex environment. The downwards traversal between stages also benefited the flow of the game.

I don’t relly have any negative feedback for this game, I enjoyed everything. But for a reviews sake, I will comment on something… There is a bug, I had a glitch in the dialogs when changing decisions.

Thank you for reading this very informal game review 🙂

Good Night…