Care free and effortless, a destructive force makes its way through a main street of the city. Smash, dash or jump; whatever you do will effect the experience. Inspired by King Kong, this game combines the destructive force of an unstoppable creature and mixes in the element of audio in which the player controls the flow.

Music is the most important thing of this game, while the Gorilla is the focus. The intention was to make the player feel like they were creating their own music, their actions served a purpose. A game that has successfully achieved dynamic music as the experience is; Rush Bros, a speed racing platformer where it’s the level interactions that make an effect. This is what inspired my thoughts when re-iterating the original idea for De Ape Steppa. Though for a short project it was more in scope to focus on the player’s actions having the effect rather than level interactions. This would be easier to achieve though, making it harder to guarantee a good sound is produced.


It turns out making dynamic music flow well is actually quite hard. Probably why Rush Bros uses the interactions of the level to effect the music rather than when the player does something. De Ape Steppa could have gone allot better with more collaboration and planning with the audio engineer working on the project. In the end, we did not have a complete audio pallet of sounds to work with and made to submit the game with grey-box audio. Unfortunately, our games design was heavily based around music, and it greatly affected the final quality of the game.

Being that unstoppable force was successfully captured in this game and suited the mechanics quite well. A gorilla that cannot be stopped; portrayed through the absence of being able to control the run, and a jump so powerful it’s hard to anticipate the point of landing as the gorilla ploughs through the air. I would say the mechanics for the gorilla was a great success. There are many improvements that could be made but for a four-week project, this was a job well done.