So for my current trimesters class; we have been tasked to build a game that some how incorporates pervasive play, unique controllers, or other such methods that take a game from being played in a traditional fashion, to a more unique way of play. Currently I am working on an interesting concept with my group; and on the side if time serves well, I will be working on my own game. I have a concept for a 1v1 MOBA style game were you use an oversized custom game controller.

Originally I had thought of making some type of arena battle, were the players were controlling mini battle machines and worked off power-ups to overcome the other player. The idea was this machine they were controlling was a futuristic Marvin the Martian style space pod, that would be controlled by spinning a big ball to add directional velocity to their movement. And a big joystick leaver that faced the player in an alternate direction for shooting. If these controls were designed for PC, it would much be like moving in world coordinates with WASD and facing the player at mouse point.

After contemplation I decided that I wasn’t happy with the current concept as I constructed an idea that fit the controls and not the other way around, so I began to rethink possible game ideas. I happily settled on the idea of a 1v1 MOBA. So I started to hash out the mechanics and think of possible balancing issues and what not. Considering these style games are usually played in groups, I thought it to be a bad idea if I made this level based. The obvious decision to keep play sides balanced was to make both players the same strength, and not have any levelling or stat increase. I didn’t want the game to be boring though; for instance players swapping bullet for bullet, first to fire wins. So I thought how can I give players a chance to gain an advantage but not allow them to overthrow a game. Then it hit me… Most MOBA’s run of three lanes, but three lanes for a 1v1 would be to much to manage, so why not remove the middle lane and make this a point of conflict where players can find power-up and other resources to gain an advantage.

I pictured it in my head and I was quite pleased. I even considered how it would be for first time players, and I saw this middle lane as a sort of surprise element. As the base only has exits for the outer lanes, the players would most likely stumble across this mid game.

In conclusion, I plan on spending a few hours a week on this for 10 weeks. I have already scripted roughly 1/3 of the core game, which includes networking. So the ball is rolling quite smoothly and if all goes well I will have I game to show you all soon that is Modelled, Scripted, and Animated by yours truly.